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Picture of the Combustion Lab The Aerospace Engineering Combustion and Fluid Mechanics Laboratory is a state of the art research facility using the latest diagnostic tools for the study of combustion and fluid mechanical phenomena. The Laboratory is a 13,000 square foot facility located on the research campus of the Georgia Institute of Technology. The facility 5 instructional faculty members, 5 research engineers, 1 staff member, and over 30 graduate students, several visiting scholars, and several post-doctoral fellows. Most experimental setups are devised or broken down as needed "in house". Most construction is provided by the machine shop in the Aerospace main building (Montgomery Knight)

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The laboratory has four high-pressure test areas for conducting large-scale combustion experiments, a high bay area for large vertical experiments and micro-gravity drop tower, four light and sound isolation laboratories, and a large open test area. Furthermore, the lab is also equipped with an instrument calibration room, a small machine shop, and a tool room. The entire lab is vented by an extensive exhaust system capable of handling exhaust products from experiments up to 25 MBtu/hour. The facility is fully equipped for the study of combustion and fluid mechanics ranging from micro-combustion to experiments as large as 25 MBtu/hour. The facility is equipped with a 3000 psig air compressor with 105,000 scf storage capacity, a 125 psig air compressor with over 10,000 scf storage capacity, and a process air heater capable of heating 720 psig of air to 995 deg F at a maximum mass flowrate of 300 lbm/minute. The facility is also equipped with 20 gpm fresh water, and a recirculated process cooling water system. Each of the experiment stations is supplied with 720 psig heated and non-heated air, 125 psig compressed air, 25 psig natural gas, fresh water, process chilled water, and laser cooling water. Future facility improvements will include a 5000 psig Natural Gas compressor and 18,000 scf storage facility, as well as a high volume vacuum system.